Hello Moonbeams! I'm Samantha!

I am the Soul Creator behind The Crystalline Moon + I'm a wife to a firefighter, a fur mama to 4 cat babies + I'm a crystal loving, nature adoring, jewelry making adventurer at heart.

I've had an insane love for all things crystal since I was a kid. I started collecting them at a young age as souvenirs from our family trips to the mountains. Now I get to collect them with my husband on our adventures together. 

I started creating intuitive malas on the side back in 2016 while working my normal muggle job. I ended up having to leave the corporate world due to health issues, + committed to creating full time shortly after. I have worked super hard the past few years at managing the symptoms of autoimmune disease + vestibular migraines, because I’ve been able to stay home + focus on my health + healing. Being able to create for others has literally been a lifesaver.

I am so insanely grateful for all of you here, + for the opportunity to create for those of you that I have. No job has ever been more rewarding or supportive than this! I am so proud of the progress that I’ve made in myself + in The Crystalline Moon, + I hope you all will stick around with me through all the growth!

Thank you for being here! 
Much love,